Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fish eyes.

For all I know, I'll never go to Asia again, so when Seth and I vacationed in Taiwan last year I did things I wouldn't normally do. Like eat eyeballs...well, eyeball soup. These fish eyes were about 4 inches in diameter, so who knows how huge the rest them must have been. The chef/owner held up one of these eyeballs and jiggled it a bit so we could get a good look before he chopped it up and added it to the soup (eye fluid, cartilage, and all) and served it with a side of cold cucumber and some sort of vegetable cake (pictured below). Tasty, but not for the squeamish!

We tried it at a sushi restaurant in Taichung called "Funny Shoes" because the chef/owner always wears traditional Japanese geta sandals.
Sea urchin (yum!), sushi, grilled fish (possibly from the fish used for the soup), were also on the menu; we washed it down with saki and scotch. Gambay!

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