Saturday, June 13, 2009

Insecta Fantasia

What happens when you arrange thousands of insects in kaleidoscopic patterns on the walls of Newark Museum's Ballantine House?

You get Jennifer Angus' whimsical exhibit, Insecta Fantasia...

...a beautiful mix of insects, mostly from Malaysia, and detailed images of flora and fauna in fairytale settings.

I'm not sure what the small, iridescent blue insects in the innermost circle are, but the rest of this arrangement is fashioned out of Malaysian jungle nymphs, Malaysian leaf insects, and the world's largest Giant Cicadas, complete with small-sized snout beetle pinstripes.

Read all about it--like I did--at Curious Expeditions!

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Uncle Beefy said...

Thanks for stopping by The Bedlam! :) My, my, my! This is something else! I do think I prefer the photographic over the real deal if I was thinking about my home but this must have been amazing to see in person as an art installation! Wow!