Monday, August 17, 2009

Collections: Mushrooms

When it comes to collecting, 5-year-old Spencer is one very serious little boy.

While exploring an ancient forest in Clear Creek State Park, Spencer decided to start a mushroom collection. He realized it wouldn't be the most practical collection, so he chose to collect mushroom photographs instead. He pointed out his favorites; I shot 'em. Here are some of the highlights:
These were no bigger than a thumbnail:
In addition to the bright yellow mushroom, my personal favorite was this pretty purple one. (Hey Spence, if you're reading this, which one did you like the most?)These felt as spongy as they looked and glowed like a moonstone:
I like the daddy long legs on this one, too:
Check out the rest of Spencer's totally awesome collection on flickr. (Spence, I'll send you your copies as soon as I can. In the meantime, maybe you could check out a field guide from the library to find out what these are called.)

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