Monday, December 21, 2009

New Orleans Souvenirs: Day 3

After such an action packed day, Seth and I decided to take it easy. Our hotel is very close to Magazine Street, so we headed that way in search of the Magazine Po-Boy and Sandwich Shop. I must say, I'm not a big fan of po-boys like Seth is, but when it came to deep fried pickle slices, it was love at first bite!

Mardi Gras beads decorate many of the homes and trees along Magazine Street:
Magazine Street is popular for its cute boutiques and resale shops, but I liked it for things like this. I really love this car, especially parked in front of the Pawn Shop like that:
It took us an hour or so to walk to Audubon Park, but with all the great food we'd been sampling it was nice to get at least a little bit of exercise. There's a big ol' Whole Foods on Magazine Street so we loaded up on vegetables and salad and had a picnic in the park. It was great fun to bird watch, especially with odd critters like this cross between a turkey and a duck running around. Talk about a bird of a different feather! What the @#$% is it???
It seems we couldn't let a day of our vacation pass without hanging out in the French Quarter, so, after ogling the grand mansions on St. Charles Street, we hopped the trolley and headed downtown.
This is the famous Cornstalk Hotel, so named because of its lovely cast iron fence:
Seth's one regret is that we didn't eat at an iconic New Orleans restaurant like Brennan's. There's always next time!
Instead, we had dinner at Molly's. Someone told us to eat here if we wanted a fantastic bowl of gumbo. It's not on the menu; the chef makes it when the mood strikes her. Luckily, she had a big batch ready when we got there.
We stopped at Napoleon House for a nightcap. I loved the ambiance but the Pimm's Cup left a lot to be desired, especially since it's the house drink. Way too sweet for me. I've had this drink many times before, but it's never tasted like cough syrup.
We didn't eat or drink here, but passed it while strolling along Urine Alley (my nickname for this stretch of sidewalk--Pee-YOU!) on our way to catch the trolley back to our hotel. Those little spots on the sidewalk are mosaics of oysters on the half shell.

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