Thursday, September 9, 2010

Labor Day Weekend 2010

One of the many, many plumed beauties spotted that day.

We caught the tail-end of Brooklyn's West Indian Day Parade on Monday. Wish we would have got there sooner, though, it was so much fun with everyone dancing in the street to music so loud you can feel it pounding in your chest. And the costumes were off the hook!
There's a neat article about the carnival's origins in NYC at Uncommon Caribbean. The author says that back in the 1920s it was "celebrated in February, the appropriate pre-Lenten time for jumpin’ up in Trinidad and countries around the world. Unfortunately, New York’s February climate wasn’t terribly hospitable to their skimpy costumes" so the celebration was moved to Labor Day. You can read the article in its entirety and see many more pics by clicking on the link above. I also found a slideshow on flickr that nicely captures the feel of the festivities.
Out for a very, very, very long stroll with Laurie and Bryan. Here they are posing with an unidentified man in Chinatown.

Also, did you know that it takes about 3 hours to walk from Prospect Heights to Central Park if you stop for snapshots and juice along the way? All in all, a great weekend, but by Monday night my dogs were killing me!


emily said...

Looks like an amazing parade!

Rachel said...

It is. And we got there when it winding down. So many cool costumes and crazy thing going on everywhere we looked.

LAURA said...

Who let yer dogs out anyways??!?!?!