Monday, February 21, 2011

City Safari

A friend of mine asked me if I'd been on any new urban adventures lately, like treasure hunting at Dead Horse Bay or urban spelunking. Sadly, no. Just read this article, though, at Coilhouse about a street artist named Roa who makes large-scale paintings of animals. Turns out, Roa's painted a few larger than life creatures in NYC. Guess it's time to plan a city safari to find them.

Seth and I have walked by this stencil art by Dolk a million times (well, almost a million) on our way to Red Hook. Last time we saw it, it was covered over in red paint:

Here's another Dolk, long gone by now:
It's nice to see something unexpected on the side of a building--or completely covering a building. This has probably peeled away or been painted over years ago, but it's my favorite piece of graffiti covering 5Pointz:
Sometimes, you'll spot the same thing hanging on the walls of a gallery as you do on the side of a building on a street near where you live--such as these from Swoon's exhibit at the now closed Deitch Gallery in Long Island City...
...and this, in the neighborhood:
If you want more info, the folks at Brooklyn Street Art could give you more about these than I ever could.

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