Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Street Art

Finally spotted one of Roa's pieces on the way to Smorgasburg on Saturday:
These are pretty sweet, too:


Anonymous said...

Rachel, When I see your blog about NY, I feel like I'm there. The street art is so fun. We don't have that in the mid-west. Althoughooooo I hear the music floating throught the air into my home from a musician downtown Edwardsville, IL. Small town that we are, we enjoy the same art and music found in bigger venues. Cat Family

Rachel said...

Hi Kit Cat,

Glad you're visiting my blog again! I'm trying to post more often. Seth and I try to take a new Brooklyn "hike" every weekend. It's fun to come across new street art like this. I have a few more pics of street art to post. Hopefully this week, but there are CA pics, too. Looking forward to seeing you in E'ville in November and hopefully sooner at Hill's!