Monday, July 19, 2010

June/early-July Redux - PART 3

Here's an email from my dad a couple weeks ago. He wrote, "Most scholars use a system that has BCE and AD, with BCE meaning before common era and AD meaning anno domini. For most people we are in the year 2010 AD, but for your mom and I we are in week three aTp. In our life we have before THE party and after THE party as our current time landmarks. I pretty sure this way of counting time will recede into the background sometime during 2011 AD." By THE party he means Seth and my wedding reception. I guess that's life when planning an important event. Ever since around Christmas, when we decided to throw a shindig to celebrate us getting eloped, I've been marking time this way as well, but I didn't have a handy name for it. Here's life bTp and aTp:

Exploring Green-wood Cemetery, one tiny peephole at a time:
Checking out the brand spanking new Luna Park...
...with everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) and their mothers. There was such a mob scene at the Stillwell Ave. subway stop when we decided to head home that I'm surprised no one got trampled. Other than that, though, it was--as always--a fun day at Coney Island.
Arranging hundreds of tea roses into lovely centerpieces for THE party:

Chillaxin' with friends at Bridget and Kyle's beautiful home in St. Louis (and celebrating Bryan's b-day):
Gravity chairs! So much more comfortable than your ordinary lawn chairs. Seth and I are in the market for a new couch, but we might fill our living room with these babies instead.
What a ham!

Enjoying the sights and sounds (especially of the frogs--croaking to each other) at the Watershed Nature Center in Edwardsville, IL:
Back in NYC--window shopping at Bergdorf Goodman--and trying to re-acclimate to life after THE party.


Anonymous said...

Rachel, I am so aTp and am trying to get out of it and DO SOMETHING!!! It was a great party with the so called "after prom" and early brunch. Also, you are such a city girl. When you go to the watershed you hear frogs, not toads, calling to one another. Love You and Mr. Rachel Corbett, Mom

Rachel said...

Oops! Thanks for catching this, Mom. I'll have to change it ASAP! Just learned a new word when I was camping in the Catskills a couple weeks ago--"city-ot" (sounds like idiot) and I guess that's what I sound like calling frogs toads. : (

We love you, too!