Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Virgin Knitters

Back in 2008, my friend Kim taught me to knit in exchange for my first scarf as part of her Virgin Knitter project:
Kim and Justin.

She started this project because (as she says on her Web site): "I believe that the first scarf a person makes is especially unique—even lucky—because you can only make something for the first time once."

Well, lucky me-- last night my scarf was part of the collection of first scarves on display at the Textile Arts Center in Brooklyn.

There was music and dancing by Radio Jarocho.

It was okay to take the artwork off the wall to try it on. I met a lot of people who said they wanted to learn to knit because of Kim's exhibit. It really is inspiring. Makes me want to (finally!) finish my second scarf.
Laurie modeling Tina's scarf. (Tina, if you're reading this, wish you could have been here!)

Everyone got to bid on their favorite scarf/scarves. But not for money. To win one of these scarves you have to explain why you like it or what it means to you. Bids ran the gamut from serious, to heartfelt, to funny. And in some cases, a little bit crazy:
Here's the scarf that started it all:
There's still time to check out the show. Read more about it in BUST (the red scarf in the bottom picture is mine!) and see more pics at my flickr account. Thanks, Kim, for teaching me how to knit and congrats on your exhibit!


kim said...

Thanks for being a part of it Rachel!!!

Rachel said...

I had a blast on Friday--the best art show ever! Looking forward to the artist's talk on Thursday.

PC said...

What a great place for the art scarf show. The display, music and comments were encouraging and fun. Liked your scarf on your neck.

Rachel said...

PC? Cat Power? Mom? Is that you? If it is, I can't keep your online aliases straight!

tina said...

Sounds like the show was inspirational and great fun! Wish I could have been there! Laura, thanks for modeling my scarf! Miss you all!