Saturday, July 11, 2009

Collections: Coconut Monkeys and Art Pops

One of the things I love about visiting my mom is spotting the new treasures she's collected since the last time I visited. I, too, love to collect, but I'll write about that another day. Somehow, my sis is missing the "collector's gene." She's a bit of a minimalist. My dad's also a collector, but of things you file away (stamps) or put away when not in use (fishing lures). My mom's collections are much more obvious: candlesticks, dishes, picture frames...the list goes on and on, oh, and coconut monkeys:

The one in the center is her latest and most favorite addition. It has googly eyes and buck teeth and it's pretty darn cute. She keeps the coconut monkeys in the backyard shed along with old salt and pepper shakers, gardening supplies, lots of weird and wonderful odds and ends and the materials she uses to make mosaics:
Here's the shed:It's a fun place to hang out in and least when it's not 100-degrees outside and even hotter inside.

And here's one of the many beautiful mosaics my mom makes. I can't wait for her to make me one once I move into a home with a yard. She calls them Art Pops:

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