Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Mix-and-match Salad
-lettuce, I like romaine or red leaf
-apples, pears or oranges
-walnuts, pecans, or slivered almonds
-raisins, dried cherries, or craisons
-feta, blue cheese, or whatever you please
-roasted garlic, or not

This is my own creation--I must admit, I've never bothered to figure out the proper proportions. For vinaigrette it's recommended that you use three parts oil to one part vinegar, so that's what I do, then adjust the measurements of the rest of the ingredients to taste:
- toasted sesame oil
- balsamic vinegar
- dark sorghum molasses
- mustard, I like the kinds with seeds for this recipe
- salt
- a spritz of lemon juice (optional)

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